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We Specialize in:
*Whiplash/Neck Pain
*Low back pain
*Chronic Pain/ Strain/ Sprains

Benefits of Massage

-Reduces Pain
-Decreases tension & stress
-Increases circulation
-Lowers blood pressure
-Detoxifies the body
-Improves immune system
-Relaxes muscles, reduces spasms
-Faster injury recovery
-Decreases scar tissue & adhesions
-Promotes healing
-Boosts immune responses
-Improves sleep

How Will A Massage Feel?

A pleasant sensation with normal tissues, but if youre facing chronic problems it might cause some discomfort but will disperse within a few minutes. Always tell your massage therapist if you feel any discomfort so she or he can ease up on the pressure.

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Massage techniques we offer:
Swedish Massage

A stress reducing massage using long gliding strokes aimed at relaxing the mind and body. Increasing circulation, releases toxins and relieves sore and achy muscles.

Trigger Point/ Deep Tissue/ Injury Treatment

Injury treatments are advanced massage techniques used to restore tissue and muscle function due to injury or over use. Used For chronic pain.


Used in treatments when requested. Calming and soothing effects that sedate the body into a deeper relaxation.